Electric Ukuleles!

Laka electric ukulele complete with single coil pickup

Laka VUV2 electric ukulele complete with single coil pickup

Ukuleles are continuing to become more and more popular and if you fancy plugging one into your amp to have a dabble, Vintage and Laka (by Vintage) have got 4 new electric ukes!

Firstly, the Vintage VUKE1 (RRP £49.99) is a nylon strung soprano… that’s the little one most people start with or at least associate with the term ukulele. You get geared machine heads (very traditional ukes don’t have these but do therefore go out of tune a lot), a poplar body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard  and piezo pickup with volume and tone controls.

The other three are concert ukes by Laka and all come with a padded gig bag. These have the same tuning as a soprano, but are basically a little bigger so you get a longer neck, a few more frets, a bit more tension on the strings and a little extra space for your fingers!

The VUVS6 (RRP £89.99) and VUV100 (RRP £109.00) are again nylon strung and have mahogony necks and bodys with rosewood fingerboards with a nod towards Gibson in their shape. Again you get tone and volume controls as well as an MP3 input and covered geared machine heads. They both have 18 frets although the sunburst VUV100 is the larger instrument at 637mm overall length.

Finally, and in my opinion most interestingly, is the Laka VUV2 (RRP £119.00). This has a similar spec to the other Lakas, but has a guitar look about it with a tele-style headstock and body (see the photo at the top of the page). You also get a single coil pick-up as well as the piezo and it’s steel strung rather than nylon. One would presume therefore, this sounds more like baby electric guitar than a uke although obviously you’ll still play it like a uke… it would certainly make for some interesting dabbling and noodling to see what you could up with.

As these are all solid bodied so you should be able to experiment with a bit of your favourite stomp box without any feedback issues and basically, have a lot of jolly good fun.

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